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BioUrja Trading, LLC

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BioUrja Power, LLC

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BioUrja Power is a Power Marketer active across North American physical and financial markets, with an emphasis on congestion management, asset management and trading. BioUrja Power features an experienced team that has navigated the last 25 years of exceptional reform and market evolution with success, integrity and a culture of compliance. With well over 125 years of collective experience, BioUrja Power is positioned to be a key player in wholesale supply, renewables, ancillary services, capacity, congestion, asset management and development.

BioUrja Mexico, LLC

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BioUrja Nehme Commodities, LLC

With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility.

BioUrja Nehme Commodities focuses on trading of renewable energy credits and related credits that are used by utilities and industrial facilities to comply with pollution reduction laws. These specialized credits are at the heart of climate change regulations and are traded worldwide. Our team consists of industry pioneers in this market and we are one of the leading trading houses in this sector.

BioUrja Do Brasil Agroindustria, LTDA

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LogiBio, LLC

Pumped About the Future.

LogiBio, LLC develops fuel logistics solutions that add value and improve efficiency for large energy commodities companies. Our business is concentrated around the safe and reliable operation of ethanol, refined petroleum products, and crude oil storage and transloading terminals. As a value-added service, LogiBio also provides comprehensive railcar cleaning for its customers.

LogiBio has developed nine fuel transloading terminals since 2006 and currently is operating a full service transloading facility in Port Allen, Louisiana.

West Plains, LLC

Going with the Grain.

Hamilton Metals, LLC

Steel Resolve.

Hamilton Metals, LLC is the world‘s largest stocking distributor of Corrosion Resistant Alloys (CRA) for the oil exploration and production industry. We also stock carbon, alloy and stainless products and provide value-added manufacturing services. High quality and reliable service are our mantra.

Penta Helios, LLC

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